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Pretrial Services

The Pretrial Services (PTS) Program was established to help reduce the overcrowding of the Polk County Jail system. The overall goal of this program is to allow defendants who meet specific legal criteria to be released from the Polk County Jail and allowed to reside in their communities throughout the pretrial and trial process. The ability of a defendant to be granted Pretrial Release is determined by a judge. While on Pretrial Release supervision, defendants are supervised by Pretrial Services staff. As long as the defendants comply with all court-ordered conditions, they will be allowed to remain on Pretrial Release until the final disposition of their case.

If the judge grants Pretrial Release at a defendant’s First Appearance or other court hearing, the defendant is provided a copy of his or her Order Granting Pretrial Release before he or she is released from the Polk County Jail. Polk County Sheriff’s Office detention personnel instruct all defendants placed on Pretrial Release to report to the Pretrial Services Office upon their release. Any and all questions pertaining to each defendant’s specific pretrial release conditions will be discussed and answered at the Pretrial Services office with the understanding the conditions of release must be followed or a warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest. Conditions of release often include participating in random urinalysis to monitor drug/alcohol use; restrictions such as having no contact with alleged victim(s), abiding by curfews and house arrest with Global Positioning System (GPS) Monitoring.

Pretrial Services has a Defendant Tracker Program in which the Defendant Tracker tracks and reschedules traffic, misdemeanor and felony court dates for released defendants who fail to appear at their arraignment hearing. Although the Defendant Tracker sets up a new court date, the active warrant shall remain outstanding until the defendant shows up for their scheduled court date. To ensure that the ongoing caseload of nearly 500 defendants is accurately tracked, the Defendant Tracker utilizes various investigative methods, such as information sharing across other agencies’ databases.

Video Remote Interviewing for Pretrial Services

In October of 2017, Pretrial Services implemented state-of-the-art remote interviewing procedures that have streamlined the way we conduct our inmate screening procedures. We began interviewing inmates via video remote instead of in person and it has proven to be a great success. Accordingly, our interviewing staff is no longer physically located within the booking facility of the Polk County Jail, we are now based in the Polk County Courthouse. Our interviewers now conduct face-to-face interviews with inmates via a remote video chat process and receive all of the arresting documents remotely through the Polk County Sheriff’s Office website WEBQ. Regarding direct communication with Polk County Jail staff, we accomplish this in several different ways. We employ a hotline and board set up to speak with the detention deputies and we communicate with the booking clerks telephonically and by email. In addition to screening inmates for release into our Pretrial Release program, we are also required to clear (verify the release eligibility of) all inmates booked into the county jail. Utilizing the Guardian system, we are able to provide the booking clerks at the jail 24-hour remote access to review our findings regarding all inmates’ release eligibility.

Pretrial Services After Release Virtual Check-In

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