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Administrative Orders - Division 1

Administrative Orders - Division 1
Order No. Order Title Order Date Signed
1-1.59 Assignment of Judges July 6, 2021 through January 2, 2022 PDF icon AO_1-1.59.pdf 06/01/2021
1-1.60 Assignment Of Judges January 3, 2022 Through July 4, 2022 PDF icon AO_1-1.60.pdf 12/08/2021
1-1.61 Assignment of Judges July 5 2022 - January 2 2023 PDF icon AO_1-1.61.pdf 06/08/2022
1-10.1 Method for the Election of the Chief Judge PDF icon 1-10.1.pdf 10/15/2010
1-11.0 Mandatory Use of Florida Bar Number PDF icon 1-11.0.pdf 05/27/1988
1-12.13 Security Within Polk County Courthouses PDF icon 1-12.13.pdf 11/10/2016
1-14.0 In Re: Uniform Intra-Circuit Conflict Resolution Procedure PDF icon 1-14.0.pdf 10/04/1991
1-15.3 In Re: Duty Judge Assignment & Responsibilities PDF icon 1-15.3.pdf 06/30/2011
1-16.3 IN RE: TENTH CIRCUIT PRO BONO COMMITTEE PDF icon 1-16.3.pdf 11/28/2017
1-17.0 Order Revoking Certain Local Rules PDF icon 1-17.0.pdf 06/30/1993
1-18.0 Re: Policy Statement and Civil Rights Complaint Procedures PDF icon 1-18.0.pdf 06/27/1995
1-19.1 RE: Procedures for Special Interest/High Profile Proceedings PDF icon 1-19.1.pdf 04/16/2008
1-20.11 Security Within the Highlands County Courthouse PDF icon 1-20.11.pdf 05/16/2017
1-21.5 RE: Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 PDF icon 1-21.5.pdf 05/21/2010
1-22.5 In Re: Administrative Plan for the Provision of Court Reporting Services Involving Public Expense PDF icon AO_1-22.5.pdf 07/06/2015
1-23.1 In Re: Employee Performance Evaluations PDF icon 1-23.1.pdf 08/17/2009
1-24.0 In Re: Maintenance of Jury Assembly Area PDF icon 1-24.0.pdf 07/17/1996
1-25.0 Possession of Court Records PDF icon 1-25.0.pdf 02/14/1997
1-26.2 A.O. 1-26.2 In Re: Effective Communication With Individuals with Disabilities in Court Programs and Services PDF icon AO_1-26.2.pdf 11/01/2019
1-27.0 Re: Petitions of the Florida Bar for Appointment of Inventory Attorneys by the Circuit Court PDF icon 1-27.0.pdf 07/07/1997
1-28.0 In Re: Code of Conduct for Staff Attorneys and Policies Concerning Staff Attorneys PDF icon 1-28.0.pdf 09/04/1997
1-29.5 In Re: Standards, Requirements, and Procedures Governing Certified Process Servers PDF icon AO_1-29.5.pdf 10/31/2019
1-3.0 Additional Judicial Authority of County Judges PDF icon 1-3.0.pdf 05/13/1983
1-30.0 In Re: Establishment of Local Bench/Bar Committee PDF icon 1-30.0.pdf 07/23/1998
1-31.0 In Re: Court Policies Concerning Protests and Demonstrations PDF icon 1-31.0.pdf 11/09/1998
1-32.1 In Re: Establishment of Policy Concerning the Acceptance of Gifts PDF icon 1-32.1.pdf 12/04/2000
1-33.2 Security Within the Hardee County Courthouse PDF icon 1-33.2.pdf 01/06/2004
1-34.0 In Re: Imaging and Microfilming of Sealed Records PDF icon 1-34.0.pdf 09/05/2003
1-35.2 In Re: Electronic Access to Court Files by Attorneys and Governmental Agencies or Agents PDF icon 1-35.2.pdf 02/11/2014
1-36.0 In Re: Recording of Final Judgments in Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings PDF icon 1-36.0.pdf 01/30/2004


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