Polk County Behavioral Health Court

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The Polk County’s Behavioral Health Court seeks to address the unique needs of defendants with either a mental health disorder, a co-occurring disorder with a primary mental health diagnosis, or a developmental disability in the criminal justice system. It was initiated in October 2007 and it is currently sponsored by Polk County BoCC.

An intake form needs to be completed either by your Public Defender or your Private Attorney (see links below). Also, a copy of the Behavioral Health Court Participant Handbook is located below.

For more information on the Behavioral Health Court and its services, please contact Desiree Meaton-Francisco at (863) 534 - 4503 or Ms. Brittani Munchel, M.A., LMHC, NCC (Public Defender’s Office) at (863) 534-4200.

Referral Form

Participant Handbook

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