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Florida Chief Justice Starts Issuing Orders Extending Deadlines Due to Hurricane Dorian
Sept. 5, 2019

Missed a state legal deadline due to Hurricane Dorian? Orders now are being issued by Florida Chief Justice Charles Canady retroactively extending state-court legal deadlines in storm-damaged areas.

Attorneys and others who missed state legal deadlines or hearing dates in areas hard-hit by a hurricane will be protected by these orders, which are issued once the courts in these areas reopen. These orders are being posted on the Florida Supreme Court’s Administrative Orders page as they are issued:

Retroactive orders are authorized by the Florida Rules of Court. They are designed to protect litigants from being unfairly deprived of legal rights solely because a local court was closed by the storm. More orders will be posted over the next few days as local courts continue to reopen as Hurricane Dorian moves northward.

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