Administrative Orders
2 - Criminal

Administrative Orders

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2-1.2Periodic Review of the status of the inmates of the county jailJDL07/30/2002
2-10.0Court Appointed Counsel Representing Juveniles Amendment to A. O. 2-10.0 (Vacated)TML10/18/1982
2-11.0Felony Trial Procedure VACATED 1-24-06RGM04/27/1993
2-12.2In Re: Pre-Trial Release ProgramDGJ01/29/2018
2-13.3Applications for, Issuance of, returns upon, and filing of Search Warrants and related documentsDGJ10/24/2016
2-14.0Court Appointed Attorneys in Conflict Cases (Vacated by SO - 7-23-09)TML06/22/1982
2-15.1Implementation of 903.03 and 903.035, Fla Stat. Adversary Bail Modification HearingsJDL09/01/2009
2-17.1Providing for Recording of Liens for Fines and Costs in Criminal Case in Circuit and County Court of Polk CountyJDL08/15/2008
2-18.3Limiting Interviews of Child Abuse and Sexual Victims Who are Under the Age of Sixteen or Persons w/ Mental RetardationJDL07/14/2010
2-19.2Arraignment Date for Felony CasesRAH02/10/2005
2-2.1Criminal Appeals - Withdrawal of Attorney of Record for Criminal DefendantsJDL09/01/2009
2-20.1Payment of Restitution, Court Costs, Fines, Fine and Forfeiture Judgement Liens, Court Appointed Attorney Fees, and Other Monetary Assessments Through the Clerk of the CourtJDL07/14/2010
2-21.2Vacating Administrative Order 2-21.2DGJ02/17/2016
2-22.1Driver Improvement SchoolsCBC07/08/2002
2-23.1Order on Costs Associated with the Weekend Work ProgramRAH03/19/2003
2-24.3Providing System for Random Assignment of Nonarrest Felony Child Abuse & Sexual Abuse CasesJDL07/14/2010
2-25.0Return of Property in Criminal CasesRGM06/04/1992
2-27.6Court Costs for Non-Criminal Traffic Offenses Without Court Appearances (VACATED JUNE 18, 2004)CAD03/31/1998
2-28.1Location of Depositions in Criminal CasesCAD02/18/1997
2-29.0Procedures for Application to Change Defendant Criminal HistoryRGM08/25/1993
2-3.0Witness Subpoena Service on Law Enforcement Officers in Criminal MattersRGM04/27/1993
2-30.2Polk County Treatment-Based Drug Court ProgramRAH09/02/2004
2-31.1Authorization To Release Pre-Trial Detainees for Chapter 893 VilationsRAH04/16/2004
2-32.0Disbursement of Court Ordered Payments Pursuant to Florida Statute 960RGM03/24/1994
2-33.0Providing System for Random Assignement of First Degree Murder Cases (Vacated)RGM04/14/1994
2-34.0Orders on Motions for Post-Conviction ReliefRGM04/14/1994
2-35.1Authorization for Clerk of Court to Discharge Appearance BondCAD02/26/1997
2-36.0Cost of Supervision for Probation and Parole ServicesRGM10/07/1994
2-37.1Judicial Authorization for Pretrial Services to Release Pre-Trial DetaineesJDL05/27/2010
2-38-2Assignment of Motions Filed Pursuant to Rules 3.800, 3.850, and 3.851 Fla. R. Crim. P.JDL06/01/2010
2-39.0Access to Pre-Trial Services Automated SystemCAD09/19/1996
2-4.0Criminal Case FormsTML03/24/1982
2-40.0Preparation of Transcripts of Evidentiary Hearings on Fla R. Cr. P. 3.850 Motions for Appeal PurposesCAD11/19/1996
2-41.1Procedures to be Followed on Failures to Appear Due to Unserved Summons (VACATED BY SO 9-23-10)CAD02/11/1997
2-42.0Competency to Proceed: Issues Regarding Mentally Ill and Mentally Retarded DefendantsCAD03/11/1997
2-43.0Juveniles Smoking Within 1000 Feet of a SchoolCAD02/26/1997
2-45.0Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Plan Order on Taking Into Custody and DetentionCAD04/02/1997
2-48.0Automatic Revocation of PTR Status upon a FTACAD09/06/1997
2-49.8Uniform Bond ScheduleJDL05/13/2010
2-5.6Providing System for Random Assignment of Felony CasesJDL09/01/2009
2-5.7Providing System for random assignment of Felony Cases in Polk CountyWBS10/02/2013
2-50.3Felony Division ScheduleRAH05/15/2006
2-51.0Filing Motions in Felony Cases before Assignment of Case NumbersCAD03/31/1998
2-52.1Assessment of Court Costs for Criminal Justice Education for Local GovernmentCAD04/27/1998
2-53.0Re: Splitting of Multi-Defendant Case FilesCAD01/05/1999
2-54.3Re: Biological Specimens for DNA AnalysisJDL06/10/2010
2-55.0Re: "Jimmy Ryce Act" Case Assignment and ReportingCBC05/05/1999
2-56.4In Re: Guidelines for Setting the First Appearance DocketDGJ01/29/2018
2-57.3Re: Felony Forensic DocketJDL05/09/2008
2-58.0Providing Information To Felony Defendants Regarding Status and PreTrial Conferences VACATED - 1-24-06CBC03/14/2000
2-59.1Providing Disclosure of Confidential Information in PSI Reports VACATED 8-11-05 RAHCBC04/06/2000
2-6.7Regulating Compensation and Expenses of Defense of Criminal Cases Involving Insolvent Defendants when Private Attorney are Appointed VACATEDRAH11/29/2005
2-60.1Court Reporting Services in Capital CasesJDL07/14/2010
2-60.2In Re: Court Reporting Services in Captial CasesDGJ10/13/2015
2-61.0Scheduling of Evidentiary Preliminary HearingsCBC06/28/2001
2-61.1In Re: Scheduling of Evidentiary Preliminary Hearings04/19/2011
2-62.0Re: Approved Offender Leave & Furlough For Community Controllees in Inpatient TreatmentCBC09/04/2001
2-63.1In Re: Anger Management ClassesJDL07/14/2010
2-64.2In Re: First Step Inc.JDL03/30/2010
2-66.2A.O. 2-66.2 – In Re: Appointment of Polk County Sheriff’s Office Witness CoordinatorsWBS12/05/2011
2-67.1Procedures for Detaining Out Of State VOPs and Parolees Under the Interstate CompactRAH10/04/2005
2-68.0Establishing Release of Inmates To An Alternative Electronic Monitoring ProgramRAH09/08/2005
2-69.1Re: Felony Division VOP ProceduresRAH10/19/2006
2-7.2Probation and Community Control: Cost and Orders of Supervision (Updated 10-15-09)JDL10/15/2009
2-70.0In Re: Plan For The Electronic Recording & Transcription of Discovery Depositions in Criminal CasesRAH09/20/2006
2-71.0In Re: Creation of Polk County DUI/Drug CourtRAH09/20/2006
2-72.2DUI/Drug Court Program Fees And Additional Court Costs in DUI CasesJDL07/21/2010
2-73.5In Re: Expansion and modification of Polk County Behavioral Health CourtWBS09/30/2014
2-73.7In Re: Expansion and Modification of Polk County Behavioral Health CourtDGJ12/22/2017
2-74.0RE: Creation of the Polk county Post Adjudication Drug Court ProgramJDL12/04/2009
2-75.0Felony Post Adjudication Drug Court ProgramJDL01/04/2010
2-75.1Felony Post Adjudication Drug Court Program proceduresDGJ09/13/2016
2-76.0Misdemeanor Post Adjudication Drug Court Program ProceduresJDL03/17/2010
2-77.0In Re: Fees for Participation in Polk County Treatment-Based Drug CourtWBS07/31/2014
2-78.0In Re: Costs, Assessments, Surcharges, and FinesWBS05/05/2015
2-78.1In Re: Costs, Assessments, Surcharges, and FinesDGJ02/03/2016
2-79.0In Re: Alternative Sanctioning Program DGJ06/27/2016
2-8.1Pre-Trial Release: Requirement for Change of Type of Bail BondJDL09/01/2009
2-9.0Court Appointed Counsel Representing Adults Amendment to A. O. 2-9.0 (Vacated)TML10/18/1982
Administrative Orders